Leader Battery Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd
In 2015 we succeeded with the biggest venture in the history of our company. We invested time and resources into the manufacturing of motorcycle batteries in Sri Lanka. Leader Group was the first in the country’s industry to manufacture batteries under the brand name Kaijie. Today we own a 40,000 square feet factory complex in Horana and distribute our motorcycle batteries throughout the island. Our factory has the capacity of manufacturing two million batteries annually.

We manufacture sealed type lead acid batteries for two wheelers. The unique standpoint of these batteries is that they are absolutely maintenance free. Furthermore, our manufacturing operates in a fully automated environment with the use of most recently invented battery manufacturing technology that is compatible with the ISO 9001:2008 standards. This manufacturing venture was made possible with the help of Guangzhou Mintong Power Supplies, who we have a technical collaboration with. This company is one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world, also known as “Kaijie Group”. They also specialize in sealed type maintenance free lead acid batteries, the same kind that we manufacture in Sri Lanka. Moreover, they have collaborated with USA and Malaysia as well. Companies from these three countries partnered with us with the aim of tapping the markets of Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Africa. Why choose Kaijie batteries for your motorcycle?

  • Longer life
  • Power consistency
  • Maintenance free
  • Sealed, lead acid battery
  • Kaijie batteries provide the total solution for all motorcycle models
  • Manufactured with AGM separators
  • Manufactured in a fully automated factory
  • Water vibration charging system; increases battery life
  • Smooth welding for longer life
  • Raw materials used are 100% virgin (lead, sulfuric acid, plastic)
  • Fully automated quality control system with manual checking of each item that leaves the factory
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