Company History
Leader Group was founded in 2004 by Mr. Shriyanthe Cooray together with his business partner, late Mr. C. B. Jayasundara. The ISO 9001 certified company consists of triple giants in the automotive aftermarket in Sri Lanka; Leader Automobile Private Ltd, Leader Battery Manufacturing Private Ltd and Leader Corporation Private Ltd. Leader Automobile Private Ltd is the country’s leading two-wheeler spare part distributing wing. Leader Battery Manufacturing Private Ltd is Sri Lanka’s first motorcycle battery manufacturer and Leader Corporation Private Ltd is the operator of the island-wide network of genuine spare parts provider for three-wheelers.

The company started with modest beginnings as a spare parts importer. Leader first specialized in supplying spare parts for Indian manufactured motorbikes, while almost every other importer of spare parts catered to only Japanese models. This brought the acclaimed Indian brand Endurance and specifically its brake shoes, which were the highest quality asbestos brakes at the time, into the spotlight in Sri Lanka. It became country’s No. 1 bestseller.

Leader became official local dealers of some of the world’s leading automotive aftermarket brands such as Endurance, Champion – Federal Mogul, Kaijie, Motobatt, Rockman – Hero, Steelbird, Riyelta, Supreme, Bagla and Servo-Riyelta. In 2009, we introduced the Garage Promotion Scheme; a first of such in Sri Lanka. In 2012, Leader Group entered into a partnership with Lanka IOC to launch the co-branded Servo Engine Oil for motorbikes and three-wheelers.

Our next venture was the biggest in our illustrious Leader history. In 2015, Leader Group embarked on to manufacturing, with the production of motorcycle batteries, another first in Sri Lanka. This venture, in collaboration with Guangzhou Mintong Power Supplies, gave rise to KAIJIE, our own brand of motorcycle batteries. The 40,000 sq.ft Leader Group Factory Complex and headquarters are located in Horana, Sri Lanka. In 2015 we were awarded the ISO 9001 certificate as a token of excellence and reliability. The Leader Group currently has a mammoth 2300 dealer network spread across the island, a thriving network of 3000 garages and stock counting units of 2800. We take pride in our humble beginnings, our highly-trained workforce and superior technology that enabled us to move from strength to strength, and to be the definitive ‘Leader’ in automotive aftermarket industry in Sri Lanka.
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