Who We Are?
Leader Group of companies aim to be the industry leaders in automotive aftermarket products, while providing unmatched customer service, premium quality products and most up-to-date technology. We have the largest network in the country with our dealership consisting of over 2300 outlets and our garage network being larger than 3000. Furthermore, we have over 3500 Stock Keeping Units (SKU) and have recently been rewarded the ISO 9001 certificate for our quality.

Our Group consists of three different companies. Namely:

  • Leader Automobile (Pvt) Ltd
  • Leader Battery Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd
  • Leader Corporation (Pvt) Ltd

In 2004, Leader Automobile (Pvt) Lts was established as an aftermarket parts provider for two and three wheel automobiles. We distribute several world renowned brands such as Endurance, Champion, Rockman, Steelbird, Servo, Riyelta, Supreme, Aurangabad Electricals and more.

Leader Battery Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd was launched as recently as 2015, when we ventured into manufacturing batteries in Sri Lanka. We were the first and only motorcycle battery manufacturer in Sri Lanka and are now capable of supplying quality batteries to the market.

In 2016, Leader Corporation (Pvt) Ltd was established as a distributer of tyres and tubes for three and four wheelers to the Sri Lankan market. Our products come under the brand Nandi, which is one of the leading tyre brands in India.

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