Why Choose Us ?
  • We guarantee that our products are from Original Equipment Suppliers and high quality manufacturers
  • We guarantee that our products are of premium quality
  • The motorcycle batteries we produce are under Japanese International Standards (JIT)
  • These batteries are manufactured with the latest technology available in automated manufacturing process
  • We focus in providing the best customer service to all our customers.
  • We have a sophisticated ERP and a high tech CRM system in place for providing superior service to our customer base
  • We have a team of qualified, well trained and professional employees to serve our customers
  • We invest a lot of time and recourses in research to provide innovative automobile spare part solutions
  • We have the largest customer network in the island
  • We are the only aftermarket company that runs a loyalty program involving over 3500 garages islandwide
  • We are the only total solutions providers for two and three wheelers, with spare parts, batteries, tyres and lubes
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