Grant Accounting: The 2024 Guide to Effective Financial Tracking

grant accounting

There are several different types of government grants, but they are usually for research, startups, or economic assistance. For instance, the UK government issued grants to self-employed persons and small businesses to help them recover from financial loss due to the coronavirus pandemic. At first glance, accounting for government grants may appear to be relatively straightforward. However, in practice, a number of challenges can arise, some of which we consider here.

If the contribution is considered unconditional, the final step is to determine if any restrictions exist and to recognize the revenue in the appropriate net asset class. Deirdre Hodgson and Linda Thornton presented this topic at the 26th Annual Nonprofit Conference, where this session was graphically recorded by Sherrill Knezel. Take our 2-minute survey to find out if outsourced accounting and bookkeeping is a good fit for your organization.

What are the main principles of grant accounting for nonprofits?

For more effective grant reporting, make sure your grant management for nonprofits accounting software for grant management has the ability to segregate the grant activity and the purpose of the grant. Your accounting system must be able to track a grant’s budget and actual activity to ensure compliance and proper grant management. An accounting system that is not designed for grant management will create extra work and may not provide proper transparency and stewardship of funds. Grant accounting involves recording and monitoring financial transactions related to government grants, with the aim of ensuring compliance with regulations and accurate financial reporting. A crucial aspect of this process is adhering to the terms outlined in the grant agreement, which often includes managing grant revenue. Grant accounting for nonprofits is the method of  recording and monitoring government grants in your accounting system.

grant accounting

Grants should be categorized according to their purpose and documented accordingly. By keeping good communication with the grantor, any issues that may arise can be addressed proactively. The right finance for your business section gives examples of financial structures that are suitable for different trading types and sizes of business. grant accounting The main difference between grants and loans is that loans need to be repaid, whereas grants do not. There are 4 main categories of grants, competitive, formula, continuation, and pass-through. By submitting, you agree that KPMG LLP may process any personal information you provide pursuant to KPMG LLP’s Privacy Statement.

Grant Budgeting

Accountants mainly focus on the budget for the grant and reporting financial reporting requirements. Grant accounting is the process of tracking funds awarded through grants to ensure that the money goes to its intended recipients who must first meet certain conditions. An efficient tracking and reporting system is a must-have in order to ensure accuracy and compliance when accounting for grants.

grant accounting

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