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The founder, Anton Churyumov, utilized his executive experience in tech to revolutionize the existing Blockchain trend; thus GBYTE was developed. With GBYTE’s intelligent way of connecting data into Directed Acyclic Graph, the usual problems that Blockchains encountered were then reduced. More impressively, the use of its flexible and versatile payment conditions, Byteball has secured its name as one of the leading providers of smart contracts.

  1. Please make sure you fully understand the risks involved in cryptocurrencies and thus not invest money that you can not afford to lose.
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  3. Byteball is geared toward providing a platform for fast and secure transfer of value, while using a novel system for governance and consensus.
  4. It could be cheaper given the niche that it is trying to establish its clout on.
  5. Based on the outcome of this event, the winner will then get the payment from the loser as defined by the contract rules.

The total supply of Bytes was created in that and no more can ever be created. This means that once a transaction is stable, no event can occur that would render the transaction unstable again. On Obyte, the more traffic there is, the faster it is possible for full nodes to establish perfect order of transactions on the ledger.


This is defeating as, a user raises, no middlemen need not meddle with the affairs of the one who bets. With the quotes not being up to par, the blockchain’s aim of charging lesser costs is defeated. The third criticism that ByteBall had received from the online community is that some of its features are challenging to use. For instance, the peer-to-peer sports betting is an entirely complicated affair in that a player would still have to connect with other players through Whatsapp.

One of the other problems that many see with Bitcoin is the large centralised mining pools which can threaten the network. In the case of the Bitcoin blockchain, all of the blocks are linked in one long chain since the beginning of the genesis Bitcoin block. Miners will have do the PoW in order to add new blocks to this chain. This occurs about every 10 minutes due to the nature of the protocol. When one places a bet or makes a prediction, the payoffs of these are generally conditional in nature. You will be paid out a certain amount that is based on the outcome of some external event.

Currency Converter by Date – Historical Exchange Rate Graph of change in 1 Byteball Bytes to US Dollar

When someone is buying flight insurance, it can be structured as a contract that will pay them out in the event that the flight is cancelled for some reason. The oracle in this case can be an external flight information tracker. The main benefits of the ByteBall contract come from the fact that one is able to design specific smart contracts that will be validated among all of the nodes on the network. The rules that are coded into the contract are immutable which means that they cannot be changed. Overall, Obyte is an innovative platform that provides users with a secure and reliable way to store and exchange digital assets without relying on centralized intermediaries.

By copying one or several hashes from previous balls, GBYTE’s storage units create a strong linkage with one another. In the same manner, transactions are also linked by signing the hashes of existing transactions to a new one. This continuum does not only establish a consistent method of data confirmation, it also creates a partial order in which the storage balls can be referred to.

Many of Byteball’s features are already offered through the interaction of chatbots. In the past, the team has distributed Bytes and Blackbytes for free to BTC holders and to existing holders of Bytes who have linked their accounts. They have now distributed 64.5% of its total supply for free over a total of 10 airdrops over the past year.

Рыночные данные Byteball

Either way, ByteBall is an unique project with an enthusiastic community and a strong team behind it. There is not that much volume on these exchanges currently with total daily volume on Bittrex at roughly byteball gbyte $614k. Hence, you should take caution when you enter your buy order as you do not want to have an adverse impact on the price. However, you can still buy Bytes on a number of exchanges with your BTC.

Instead, Byteball relies on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure called a “DAGchain” where data is connected in a structure which is like a mesh. Highlighted by its versatile conditional payments, Byteball offers a smart contract creation system that is simple enough to be utilized by almost any user. There are also a number of unique features of the ByteBall project. For example, you can send conditional payments, hedge against uncertain events, take part in prediction markets and P2P betting. Byteball allows for the creation of conditional payments, which means that users can create transactions that depend on certain conditions being met before the funds are released. Byteball is a decentralized system that allows tamper proof storage of arbitrary data, including data that represents transferrable value such as currencies, property titles, debt, shares, etc.

These external parties are termed oracles and they are already becoming an important part of other smart contract ecosystems. These balls connect to each other (not necessarily in a straight line). Complete cryptocurrency market coverage with live coin prices, charts and crypto market cap featuring coins on 750 exchanges. Running since 2016, Obyte is a distributed ledger based on directed acyclic graph (DAG). It’s a post-blockchain technology that achieves true decentralization by getting rid of big power centers and middlemen, such as miners. Identities are confirmed with the help of Jumio and the Real name attestation bot.

For that reason, 99% of all Bytes and Blackbytes are to be given away for free. We have all been in those situations when an unfortunate event has impacted cost us financially. Although many people may take out insurance on these events, claiming the money back is not quite as clear as one may think.

How much is 1 Byteball Bytes in US Dollar?

Bytes are the native currency of Byteball, and they reflect the value of storing transactional data on the decentralized system. You use Bytes to pay for adding data to the database, and they can also be used to issue your own currencies. In addition to payment for storage fees, you can pay Bytes directly to other users for goods or services.

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